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Psalm 91: Whoever dwells in the shelter of the Most High will rest in the Shadow of the Almighty

We left off headed to the ER and things not looking good. I look back from today and can’t even believing it happened. That one minute I had the flu and the next, I woke up with those horrible fluorescent lights in my eyes and people saying “Mrs. King, can you follow the light with your eyes?” and other people that were out of my sight yelling “she’s awake, she understands, she’s following instructions!”. My first thought “they are really frustrating me!” because I couldn't understand what was happening at all so I just went back to sleep.


I was told the night we headed to the hospital, I was very ill. Evidently my body was in multi-organ failure when we arrived and that was just the beginning. I was full of pneumonia, my fever was very high, and my heart was failing quickly. When we arrived at the ER, Dean thought I had a bad case of the flu and so did I. This idea was quickly changed when they were putting me in ICU. They put me in some strange bed that rotated and gave me medicine to go to sleep. They started IV’s, intubated me, and hooked me up to so many different machines. Thankfully, I don’t remember even one minute of that time period.

During all of this, what no one realized is that I had no idea what was going on. I had no memory from the Thursday before until when I woke up two weeks later. I answered questions, I was very irritated with all the these things happening, I would respond but somewhere my brain shut down and did not let much of it enter. Personally, as sick as I was, I think that was God protecting me from some very tough situations that followed. When we need that protection, God wraps us in His arms.

Psalm 91 Whoever dwells in the shelter of the Most High will rest in the shadow of the Almighty.

How blessed I was not to remember all that happened. I know from the stories I have been told, the heartfelt love that was expressed, and the prayers that protected me that there was a lot of stress, a lot of concern and my body was in a severely fragile place.

The first day at the hospital my husband was told by the Doctor that “IF” I survived the night it would be a miracle. He told Dean if he believed in miracles, now would be the time, his response “I can do that.” Dean went directly to the waiting room and pulled everyone there, he says about thirty people, and they prayed. Blasts were sent out for prayer, churches were called and the power of intercession was answered. All those precious friends, prayer warriors and saints that went to their knee’s on my behalf. How could anyone ever know the love that was shared to me in prayer for me during that horrible time? I made it through the night. The launch of tens of thousands of angels began.

That night was where the rollercoaster left the building and started down the track. The climb up the hill was long and the unknown was on the other side. You know that feeling in the pit of your stomach as you climb the hill. The click you hear as the car goes up the hill, all in anticipation of going down the other side….my friends, my family, my church family, all those outstretched arms felt that feeling. Waiting, waiting and more waiting.

I can only tell this part, I can only express my heart of thanks and love to each of you that were there or were praying. I have never been on my side of a horrible crisis, usually I am the one holding the glue together, I am amazed at what God does when it is YOU needing those outstretched arms.

I can tell this is a long journey and so many stories and so many perspectives in what happened….so today I stop here and we will continue on a bit later. We stop as so many are in the waiting room, seeing God move and finally knowing I made it through the first night and the car of the rollercoaster is at the top of the hill.

Love and thankfulness to all of you.

In His Grip,


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