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My Grit and My Grace

My first blog back in it seems like forever

It seems only fair to catch you up on much that has transpired since Olivia had her second transplant. She grew stronger and healthier, made through graduation with a few struggles along the way, started college and well into her days of a degree in journalism. Her health has taken a turn but for right now we are NOT yet looking at a lung transplant. So, her life now is becoming a flourishing adult which she is doing with flying colors. Honestly between school and friends, I hardly see her but that is the way it should be at 23, yes?

I have also gotten stronger since I had to start over 5 years ago. I walk with a slight limp, a bit of balance issues and my heart works a little slower but those are all a reminder of the huge grace God had for me. The life that is now so precious. No, I don’t get to do all that I would like to do, I have slowed down a considerable amount, but I do get to do what God wants me to do and that makes me very happy.

I am not sure why God allowed me the privilege of walking through endocarditis again, honestly, I didn’t know you could get it twice but that got my attention. So, another 2 years of getting healthy again gave me time to look around and see things through His eyes and not my own.

I subscribe to a e-newsletter called Grace and Grit. I try to read the articles and get bogged down with life, but the title just stays with me. Is that not where we live, or I live anyway. I need the grit sometimes to put one foot in front of the other and hold on and I need to recognize the grace God has given me in my life to help me carry on. When I accomplish that, I seem to be able to extend grace to someone else. Grace is not meant to be held on to but to be given away.

I have not walked in your shoes, I may or may not have made the same choices you did but what does that matter? I have a lifetime of choices that only God could see the outcome and what He was going to accomplish through them. This is going to be my new blog, sharing the grace I have found in my own life. God had been dealing with me to share my own experiences Previously I didn’t think that was necessary because so many have gone through so much, but God said to me “What If one healed? Would that be enough?” Absolutely! So, this is for the one.

If you would like to know more about the e-newsletter go to

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