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Grace from within

Grace from within

Grace can come easily, and it can be hard. We live in a world that focuses itself on the individual’s need over anyone else, that includes grace. Maybe we have been hurt by extending grace. I know I have. I would give you anything that I have if you needed it, I have shared my food, my home, my clothes and even my shoulder.

Life is hard, we all hit bottom in some fashion. In that time what we need is someone who is honest, real and doesn’t judge. That last one is hard to do. As the person who wants to help, we want to give advice on what we would do, what our experiences have taught us and what the next step should be to go from broken to healed. Here is where grace comes in, what if we just become the listener and the shoulder lending a hand when asked? A valuable lesson you learn as a parent of adults, they have to come to you a lot of times and ask before they hear.

Grace comes in the waiting. Not just for them, but for you When you turn your thoughts to the Lord, pray about it and wait on His voice. Then then Holy Spirit can give you a clear and balanced view. You can see more in their shoes and not just yours. I love it when that happens. Less arguing and more discussion. Less judgement and more grace. Understanding one another creates an atmosphere of mutual respect and love.

I have a 23-year-old who is wonderful, sweet, kind and very intelligent. She is also very hardheaded. She gets it honest. I think it’s harder with adult kids when parenting so I have found that prayer + listening + time, can = success for you and them. It also can apply to friends, colleagues and extended family. Because you were extended grace at one time by if no one else Jesus.

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